Bend Oregon Green real estate

Save money and the environment by buying GREEN!  Green homes use less energy, are easier to maintain, and can be very cost efficient.  Portland is currently one of the most "green" cities in the country, and we're not far behind them here in Bend.  Many green built projects are popping up all over Bend.

There are many different types of "Green"

There are many different levels of "Green".  Using Energy Star appliances and windows is a great way to help our environment.  These appliances sometimes offer the builder/owner tax breaks for the year that they install them.  Energy star windows help tremendously with heating and cooling costs.

Other green features include, Solar power, tankless hot water heaters, radiant floor heat, natural building products, and use of natural daylight for heating and cooling.

Check out these Green Condos in SW Bend


Bend Green Condo 1

Bend Green Condo 2

Bend Green Condo 3