Recreation opportunities in Bend Oregon.  Bend offers many types of recreation and has been featured in several biking, running, climbing, skiing, and fishing articles (just to name a few).  Bend is a recreation paradise.

Northwest Crossing's Newest Construction

Northwest Crossing Discovery Park Bend

Northwest Crossing has been a booming community on the westside of Bend since it first broke ground. With it's community center, shops, restaurants, trails, parks, and other amenities, NWX has proven to be a Bend hot spot.  During the recession we saw things slow down in Northwest Crossing, but they didn't come to a screeching halt like other Central Oregon communities.  Construction slowed, but continued through much of the downturn of the economy. In the past 12 months, construction at Northwest Crossing has boomed to a new level.  New streets, new homes, new builders, and now the start of their newest phase built around the new Discovery Park.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is slated to be…

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Mt Bachelor Makes MSN's Top 10 List

Ski Mt Bachelor in Bend 

MSN's "Top 10 Hippest Ski Areas You Rarely Hear About" article includes Mt Bachelor here in Bend. Roughly 20 minutes from Bend, Mt Bachelor is one of the only mountains that you can ski 360 degrees. In the past couple of days the ski area has received well over a foot of fresh snow, yet Bend has been dry. Another reason I love living in Bend! There aren't many places that receive as little amounts of snow as Bend, but have a ski resort 20 minutes away that gets a ton of snow every year.

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A Winter Day Trip to Elk Lake Lodge

Snowmobile to Elk Lake Resort

Yesterday I decided to load up the old snowmobile and saddle up for a ride to Elk Lake Lodge for lunch with some friends.  We parked at the Vista Butte Snow Park, (a pull off parking area a few miles before Mt Bachelor), unloaded the snowmobiles, and geared up for the ride.  It's a short 4 mile ride to Dutchman snow park, which is the closest snow park to Elk Lake.  We elected to park at Vista Butte, because Dutchman fills up fast and can be challenging to find a spot for a truck and trailer.  

From Dutchman, it's an 11 mile ride on a groomed trail to Elk Lake Lodge.  It's a beautiful ride with views of Broken Top, Bachelor, and the Three Sisters along the way.  You'll also see the frozen Sparks and Devil Lakes.

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